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Why are we called Five by Five?

When Mike Lawton founded Five by Five in the UK in April 1979, he set out with one clear goal; to become an agency that brands turn to for Loud and Clear communications. After all, that’s why we’re called Five by Five. It’s military shorthand for a perfect radio transmission: one that’s both Loud and Clear.

Mike retired in 2006, but we continue to be wholly privately-owned by the Lawton family with our global offices, in the UK, USA and Australia, all specialising in launch marketing.

Our Launch Marketing Report: The Marketer’s Perspective identified three main causes of launch failure, so we built our business around answering each of these challenges.

  1. Lack of internal alignment
  2. Slow systems and processes
  3. Poor marketing communications

We have proven methodologies, processes, strategies and proprietary technology, as well as our talented team, to ensure launch success.

Nick, Mike and Matt Lawton at the annual AGM!

Connect Five is a new interview series, where you can learn more about the Five by Five team’s views on the industry and market. It’s a pay it forward concept we’ll post regularly.