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Why is Five by Five called Five by Five?

Five by Five is military shorthand for a perfect radio transmission: one that’s both Loud and Clear.

That’s how all Launch Marketing campaigns should be!

We’re a family-owned company, with offices in the UK, LA and Sydney. We’ve had almost 40 years experience helping global brands in the entertainment, FMCG, finance, retail and healthcare sectors. Five by Five’s launch marketing expertise and creativity is rocket fuel for anyone wanting more from their next marketing campaign.

Nick, Mike and Matt Lawton at the annual AGM!

Join us

As a family run business we pride ourselves on being a global network that cares about its staff. Our ethos is to Pull Together and Go Big for our ambitious clients to ensure successful launches. And by Always Learning we also help our staff enjoy a bright, and fulfilling future.

So if you are a talented, motivated and nice future Five by Fiver, we’d love you to tell us about yourself Loud and Clear.

Please send your CV to careers@fivebyfiveglobal.com

Digital Media Creative (Graduate/Junior) - Southampton, UK

We are looking for a Digital Media Creative; someone who is interested in web technology and its ability to be used as a creative tool.

You might have studied a degree in Digital Media, Design Technology, Motion Graphics or an area related to web technologies. Or you might be a creative person who has self taught their way to being a JavaScript/adobe suite ninja. Either way, this role uses a mix of creativity and code.

Partnering with ad-serving platforms such as Doubleclick, Sizmek, Celtra, we create digital advertising assets for globally recognised brands that sit on the web, on social networks and on digital billboards throughout the world.

You should:

• Have an excellent eye for detail and strive for perfection when coding or designing.
• Have a fundamental understanding of coding for web, i.e. Javascript, HTML, CSS. Bonus points if you are familiar with GSAP Tween Libraries.
• Be competent in using the Adobe Suite, in particular Adobe Photoshop, Animate and After Effects.
• Have experience in working to tight deadlines and managing your time effectively.
• Be actively motivated to learn new skills in the digital sphere.
• Have an awareness of how you fit into a team.

Our team

• Actively encourages learning new skills in the digital sphere.
• Push you to extend your horizons in what you do, taking ideas and pushing them further. Flicking the V’s to your comfort zone and embracing the unknown.
• Supports each other to achieve what could be seen as the impossible.
• Helps you carve and shape a career in the digital space.

We do things differently here; we don’t believe a CV is the only way to show us your skills. So instead of a piece of paper, we want to see what you’ve got.

Apply now and you’ll be sent a link to a set of tasks. Pass the challenge and an interview is guaranteed!

If this is you, then please get in touch with careers@fivebyfiveglobal.com

Senior and Middle-Weight Conceptual Creatives - UK

Conceptual AD / Conceptual CW / Conceptual Team/ x3

You think.

You’re a thinker, thinking all the time.

You articulate your ideas easily to others.

Clearly. Succinctly. Without wasted words that are not necessarily needed or useful or interesting.

But you appreciate when long copy is more effective at saying everything that needs to be said.

Together you and your partner (if you have one) are a team that gets to great work quickly.
You’re both on top of your game, with lots of experience to draw on.
But you don’t need the other girl or guy: they are a bonus!
You think for yourself.

You can sell to clients with just a few well-chosen words.
Not because you’re great – but because the work is.
It solves the client’s problem in ways they may not have imagined.
You found a bigger opportunity.

You can take a simple idea and twist it into something sublime.
Then you craft the hell out of the writing and the visuals. Turn it to gold.
You have great art direction craft – you’re a natural in Adobe CC.
Or you have great skill with words.
But hopefully you have both.
You live in the modern world of everything new and utilise it.

You have mastered many disciplines, yet you’re still one thing more than any other:
a thinker who writes, and reasons, and wows people.
If you think that might be you, think about Five by Five Global.

You’ll be highly appreciated.
You’ll get to help build a top-tier agency, not just fatten your already fat portfolio.
You’ll be joining a privately owned agency that’s hugely ambitious,
one that’s full of nice, smart, driven people.

You’ll discover that great work is the creative challenge and reward every day – not some days.
Because every piece ensures our clients’ brands are heard Loud and Clear.
And that’s what makes us all successful Five by Fivers.

Ready to launch your career?
Send your CV and portfolio website address to careers@fivebyfiveglobal.com