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A Cure for the Common Website

Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population.” [Statista]

The eight symptoms to be aware of.

Every business needs a website. Be it for building sales or building credibility, it’s an integral part of your entire marketing effort. Unfortunately for you, actually having a decent website built can be tricky, costly, and require long term maintenance. Too often we see these seemingly simple investments reveal a hidden layer of painful discoveries that blow the budget.

There are 8 potential headaches that are commonly experienced by marketers:

3rd party builds

    • Adds considerable time and cost to development due to the unknown nature of 3rd party code. This can often result in the use of short term hacks or patches that lead to greater complications down the track.

Server management

    • The machines that host your site need to be looked after and kept up to date. Neglecting your server may eventually cause portions of your site to break or completely crash.

Software management

    • It’s easy to think a website is simply a ‘set and forget’ asset. You’d be wrong. Your website will require regular updates. Outdated software can cause incompatibilities between different sections of your website. Not good. Over time, this could result in breaking functionality and potentially completely breaking your entire site.

Building high quality products in short timeframes

    • A great website, no matter how small, will take longer to build than you’d imagine. Often marketing efforts don’t have the flexibility to accommodate build times adequately.

Mobile responsiveness

    • Mobile users now vastly outnumber desktop users, so it is imperative that your site gives them just as good an experience. The challenge is to create an experience that satisfies all of your users, no matter their device.

Content management

    • Content management systems are often clunky and confusing; and you need to keep your content fresh with frequent updates.

Approval process

    • Ensuring a proper chain of approval can reveal issues with different stakeholders and be costly, because it requires you to maintain a staging environment in addition to your production environment.

Ongoing support

    • In the event that something does happen to your server or software, you will need 24/7 access to support.


The cure is at hand. 

With a deep understanding of these issues after over 20 years of building websites, we have developed a specialized framework to produce sites efficiently and deploy them seamlessly. This makes them perfect for brand campaigns or startups who want the elegance without the expense.

We call it LaunchCore: a WordPress theme and development framework which is specially formulated to eliminate many of the common problems with building and maintaining a website.

We’ve also partnered with WP Engine: a leading managed hosting platform which is tailored to host and manage WordPress websites to the highest standards.

LaunchCore : A framework for rapid development of quality websites.

Rapid build

    • Packed with developer features to reduce development time.
    • Built with standards that ensure code can be navigated quickly and accurately for even faster development.

High quality

    • Minified and light weight to optimize speed.
    • Built-in SEO and optimization standards.
    • Seamless responsive templates for a superb experience across devices.
    • Mobile-first design approach.

Easy to work with

    • Code architecture for clean, understandable code reduces maintenance time.
    • Employs coding standards and documentation that can be picked up easily by any developer.
    • Easy, flexible, and powerful content editing.
    • Built with the future in mind, so you won’t find yourself stuck down the track.


WP Engine : Leading provider of managed hosting.


    • Your software and server management will be handled automatically.
    • Managed updates, so your site never breaks.
    • 24/7 support.


    • Managed hosting means your server will be clean and optimized, so your site will get the best speed possible. On top of this, the included CDN delivers your site to its users at cracking speeds.


    • Free SSL certificate included to give your site credibility.
    • Server security maintained.


    • One-click staging allows us to easily show you your site behind a password protection for your approval before launch.
    • Once launched, we transfer ownership to you. You are the full owner of the hosting account with no middle man.

Our experience with LaunchCore has proven it to be effective relief from symptoms, resulting in great quality websites.

Want to take on LaunchCore in a race? We’re looking for challengers who are willing to time their build against ours.
Contact us here to get the brief.

By Matt Werth

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