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Baby boomer marketing research - the misunderstood generation!

Baby Boomers. There are 12 million in the UK making up a sixth of the population, a figure that is predicted to swell in the coming years. They account for 80% of the UK’s wealth and one in five are millionaires. The same picture can be seen in both Australia, with Baby Boomers accounting for 25% of the population and 53% of its wealth, and the USA with 76 million Baby Boomers making up 25% of the country’s workforce.

However, despite these enormous numbers, our research in 2018 showed they were the least engaged age segment when it comes to launches and baby boomer marketing. A worrying insight and one which we felt demanded a further investigation to find out why and how we can help our clients launch successfully to this important segment.

Baby Boomers should be the perfect audience. They have disposable income and generally time to absorb new product and service launches. They have experienced an incredible change in terms of technology and society throughout their life, more so than any other generation in the past century.

We commissioned independent research across all of our office territories in the UK, USA and Australia to discover whether this audience age segment really do shun launches or is there something deeper going on. We interviewed a total of 3,000 Baby Boomers, 1,000 in each territory and found some surprising results.


Podcasts – Worth a listen!

We have recorded three podcasts based on this research. Head of Planning, Colin Clark and Planning Manager, David Craft discuss the different elements of the research and what the findings mean. They elaborate on what is already written on the white paper.


  1. Who are the Baby Boomers and why are marketers getting this audience so wrong currently when it comes to audiences? Have a listen!



2. What channels are they consuming the most and which product launches (if any!) are resonating the most with them? Have a listen!



3. How are life events affecting the way Baby Boomers engage with product launches? Have a listen!



Download the White Paper.

The results are detailed in this White Paper and illustrate a clear path to making the most of launching products and services to this dynamic, prosperous and exciting segment.

By George Roberts

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