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4 back to school launch campaigns that have raised an eyebrow.

The time has come! Kids in the UK have started making their way out of the parks and shopping centres and back to school. While this does mean we can now shop a little more peacefully, it also means the back-to-school campaigns have launched, with shops launching new lines and products to mark the occasion.

Having recently looked into 9 absurd product launches around the Royal Wedding, we decided to take a look at some of the back to school launch campaigns out there.

1. In A Snap.

Now we’ve probably all seen something in a catalogue and wanted to easily buy it and put it in our homes or wardrobes. Well, in 2014 Target launched In A Snap an app where you photograph an item from Target which you’ve seen in a magazine or an advert, then simply buy it.

Created to try and encourage students to buy their new back-to-school range, we think it’s a great idea plus it caused quite a PR storm amongst tech publications with Retaildive.com claiming the company was firing back at Amazon. If only more shops would do it – however, not sure our bank accounts would agree!

2. Back to school blues.

Contrary to the name, it turns out chicken nuggets don’t have to contain chicken. Quorn have launched new Crispy Nuggets as part of an centres meal incentive. After school meals aren’t usually the most exciting things, so we think this is a great idea by Quorn.

To help launch their new product, they teamed up with Rachel Stevens and Ben Fogle to created a recipe video showcasing the nuggets at the heart of a family dinner.

Anyone for nuggets tonight?

3. #RespectTheEdge.

With trains being used often by students and children heading back to school, RSSB centres launched a back-to-school campaign to encourage people to respect rail safety rules.

The campaign was launched on social media using #RespectTheEdge with a series of GIFs, one of which showed a teddy bear without its head. Many of the rail companies have since added this hashtag to a number of their daily tweets this week to keep emphasising this campaign.

Mind the gap kids, we don’t want to lose another teddy!

4. Get the kids kitted out for under £50.

Poundland may not be your first choice for the kid’s school uniform, but this year with Pep & Co they’ve launched their first range of school uniform.

They challenged bloggers to get the kids back to school with all of their clothes for under £50 to help showcase the new lines and how much you can get for your money.

A full wardrobe and stationary kits for less than £50, we are in!

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By Fiona Healey
PR Manager - Client Services, UK

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