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Brand positioning - Getting your brand to number 1 globally.

Launch Legend Matthew Sykes, International Marketing Director for Patrón Spirits, was on our panel for our event earlier this year. He discusses that if your brand positioning is in the number one spot in one country (or in gold position as he puts it), what technique you can employ to get your brand into the top spot in other countries as well – the ultimate goal being in Gold position globally.

Below you will find the transcription of what Matthew says in the film in case you do not have access to the audio.

If you look at the example that Hannah Mills OBE was giving, you can kind of see that Patrón Tequila has achieved Gold in brand positioning in the US market. It grew the super-premium tequila category from virtually nothing to what it is today – a very dominant player. But then from that international market, the broader market, those 150 countries that are all very very different, it’s really kind of working up from not even that bronze stage in some markets. What’s really important is to take some best practice examples of what’s worked to achieve golden brand positioning in that market and then transfer it across to markets at a much earlier seed phase of the brand.

By Alexis Eyre
Head of Marketing

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