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Southampton: the new hub for innovation in the UK?

London isn't the only place to find entrepreneurs. Find out how Future Worlds has grabbed innovation and set up their own dragons den inspired event.

Launching into transport: is there even a bike category anymore?

With a focus on low emissions and the launch of many transport sharing apps, we look at how this sector is adapting.

Incorporating voice search into your product launch.

50% of searches will be voice search by 2020 (that's less that 2 years away!). But what does that mean for your brand and how can you keep up?

Can you launch a product using Real Time Marketing?

A number of different scenarios exist when discussing Real Time Marketing. We discuss whether each are right for launch.

How to have your (royal) cake and eat it

Thousands of brands are hastily getting ready but is the hard work really worth it just for one day or is it possible to enjoy long-term benefits?

Why is a butcher promoting Meat Free Mondays?

A Canadian butcher has just launched a new campaign encouraging customers to do Meat Free Mondays. We ask ourselves why?

Marketing to millennials - How do you market DIY products to millennials?

Welcome Generation DIY. But how can traditional DIY retailers stand out in this changing millennials marketplace?

Moveover, Meerkats! Moneysupermarket’s back and more brazen than ever.

MoneySuperMarket has gone through a brand relaunch. Have they set off a new retro marketing trend?

Should you adopt Seasonal Marketing for launching a new product?

Every year, you can guarantee that we will be celebrating the same big cyclical calendar occasions, from Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day to Christmas and Easter. Many of these date back...

Alexa earns her place in the Superbowl Hall of Fame

With the Superbowl half-time ad break as infamous as the game itself, find out why, for Account Manager, Abi Stocker, there was only one true winner this year.