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Top Halloween launches 2018.

It’s that time of the year – some dread it…some love it. That very quick, scary transition between Summer and Autumn, and before we know it…Winter. Where BBQs turn back to roast dinners, and those warm Summer evenings in the garden move back inside in front of the TV – watching Simon Cowell abuse song contestants, and watching celebrities eating witchetty grubs (still don’t get how people do that). Those dreaded days where you leave for work and it’s dark, and when you get home…it’s dark. Sometimes there’s just no winning.

BUT, there is one thing that everyone loves about this time of year – yep, Halloween. Whether you sit at home with your partner and watch scary films, take the kids trick or treating…or dress up like a scary cat (yes, I’ve seen it), go on a big night out and drink yourself senseless – there’s something about Halloween everyone loves.

In true Halloween spirit, let’s check out some cool launch campaigns from over the past few weeks…

5. Fanta's Spooktacular Flavours.

Fanta have upped their game over the Halloween season by launching two new spooky flavours, chosen by fans after a public vote. With more than 150,000 votes received, the Spooktacular winning flavours from the Fanta Flavour Election are Blood Orange Zero and Pink Grapefruit Zero. Nothing better than a cold can of Fanta when you’re hungover – not too sure about the Pink Grapefruit though…

4. RIPizza.

On the topic of HOT launches – Morrisons released a pizza this week in true Halloween fashion the RIPizza. The pizza itself is 200 times hotter than a jalapeño (what does that even mean?). For only £2.50, it’s worth the buy – especially to trick (not treat) your mates at your party this year. Ghost chillis? I hate ghosts.

3. Co-op's charity catch.

Co-op released a ‘community, football-focused’ advert to promote the launch of their Halloween food range. The advert itself is pretty funny and light-hearted, and very well put together. The aim of the fund is to help contribute back towards community projects, such as local football teams. Even the dog is dressed up – I love dogs.

2. Gamer's Glory.

FOR ALL YOU GAMERS. Fortnite fans – this one’s for you. One of the hottest games of the year have launched ‘Fortnitemares’ 2018’. You’ll face off against Cube Monsters in a whole new way of playing Battle Royale. There are new weapons to fight back against these creepy creatures, like the Six Shooter and Fiend Hunter Crossbow. Take out the Cube Fiends and Fragments to pick up loot, and survive against enemy players. It beats running away from real zombies.

1. Teenage dream..?

If you stopped a teenager on the street and ask a few things they love – I bet they would say Halloween…and porn…but not together. A recent VR porn company has launched a series of videos combining the two, where users can vote which characters live/die and the story unfolds. The ‘Grand Finale’ is taking place on the 31st October – thanks, but no thanks!



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By Tom Shrewsbury
Graduate Producer

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