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How brands can navigate a changing ANZ esports landscape

In 2018 we were the first to document the local esports landscape to show how teams, tournaments, publishers, leagues and brands all related. Two years on and we’re releasing a new infographic of the ANZ esports landscape to help brands evaluate how best to engage competitive gaming audiences.

Compared to the 2018 view of the local esports landscape, the number of brands involved in esports increased 39% in 2020. However, the news that Riot Games and the Oceanic Pro League will be withdrawn from this market, will no doubt have an impact.

Recognising the potentially overwhelming nature of the local esports scene, we’ve developed a new interactive map of the landscape to help new brands enter esports with the right strategy. 

The infographic is available here and allows external parties to update or add new data points, creating a collaborative space for all stakeholders to help support wider education of the industry.

We’ve worked with most of the major games publishers over the years and the way we’re helping brands engage with gamers is really rewarding because it’s yielded a lot of learnings. The recent announcement from Riot Games that they’re shutting down the Oceanic Pro League is a big disappointment and it remains to be seen how damaging that will be to the local landscape.

The agency works in this sector for brands such as Red Bull and Lenovo and will host a panel discussion at Mumbrella 360: Reconnected on 20th November on the subject of esports maturing in a new decade.

By Matt Lawton

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