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How does technology impact launching a new product?

The Launch Marketing Council members in Australia sat down earlier this year to discuss the key things brands should remember when launching into Australia. This time it was to discuss the impact technology has on launching new products and services and in turn discussing how technologies are launching in their own right these days.

Executive summary.

Technology is having an enormous effect on launch marketing and how services and products are being experienced by customers and managed by brands. Instagram, the worldwide social phenomenon, has now created a new feature that allows users to set reminders to tell them when new products have launched. This will only grow the appetite for brand launches that already benefit from the power of word of mouth to sell out their new product in just a matter of minutes.

Consumer brands are now starting to use technology to make sure they remain current, particularly in industries including food and drink, sports and travel. PUMA is a prime example of this with the launch of their new New York flagship store where they created fully immersive experiences via a studio designed for customisation, tech-driven sports engagement zones and activations that were all digitally connected. Nike, on the other hand, used Snapchat to sell a new line of sneakers.

What better time to discuss the role of technology in launch marketing?

The Launch Marketing Council members:

  • Maria Loyez, Chief Customer Officer at Volt Bank
  • Nicholas Cornelius, former CMO at Pack and Send
  • Daniel Gervais, Head of Marketing at Airbnb
  • Mari Kauppinen, Head of Marketing for Demand Generation at IBM and Chair of the Marketing Review Board at IBM ANZ
  • Nick Reynolds, Vice President and CMO at Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning
  • Dean Chadwick, CMO at Velocity (unable to attend but involved in post-event commentary)
  • Matt Lawton, Managing Director at Five by Five Australia


Download the free white paper.

Download the free white paper here.

By Matt Lawton
Managing Director, Sydney

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