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Launch Marketing Council Whitepaper - Comparing cultures.

In May 2018, the Launch Marketing Council formed to help expand the canon of knowledge around launching new products, services and brands and develop best practices to help fellow marketers and entrepreneurial businesses succeed. The result; a launch marketing whitepaper.

This is the second Australian council meeting of this year, held on September 25, 2018. The discussion focused on what corporates can learn from startups and what startups can learn from corporates as the basis for a three-hour roundtable discussion. Opinions offered by the panel related to the constraints of both types of organisation and covered the areas mentioned below.

The council had participants from three businesses – Facebook, Menulog and Guzman y Gomez – which have emerged from startups to become corporates and retained their founding characteristics to varying degrees. It is pretty common to hear people idolise the habits of startups and champion their adoption in the corporate world – insights around agility and customer centricity are explored below – but the Council had plenty of advice for startups to adopt more corporate behaviours. Ultimately this launch marketing whitepaper supports the merits of defining businesses as startup or corporate not based on size, but on other factors, not least the way launches are managed both internally and externally.


This launch marketing whitepaper contains the following:

  • The role of public relations in a launch (which also turns out to be a theme for another post that we wrote recently).
  • The trap of perfection.
  • The impact of growth on launch.
  • Leveraging a customer-centric focus.
  • Service beats persuasion and product but relies on employees.
  • The link between brand and culture.
  • The role of the Founder and the CEO.

The two case studies are:

  • How PR helped launch YBell.
  • How Xinja launched with a customer focus.

Launch Marketing whitepaper download.

Download copy here.

By George Roberts

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