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The importance of risk in a marketing strategy.

Launch Legend, Tony Holdway, Sales & Marketing Director of Domino’s Pizza discusses the importance of taking a risk or two in a marketing strategy and his regrets for not taking them more in previous roles.

You will find a transcribed version of the clip above in case you are unable to listen to the audio.

Tony Holdway – I think I’m lucky that the brand has always taken risks. Back in the sixties, well before digital and well before the UK, back when the brand originated in the USA, the teams were taking risks and doing things differently. Innovation has always been at the core of the brand and I think that gives you license to create stuff and play with it. I think other brands that I’ve worked at, maybe less so. You want to do things that are radical but you tread more carefully and try and get more buy-in from around the business.

I look back on earlier parts of career and think I should have been bolder. I should have more radical and should have made bigger suggestions and now they come easier but I still think about them because the consequences are pretty dangerous.

Find out in another Launch Legend film why you should not dilute a bold idea and take that risk.

By George Roberts

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