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Marketing to millennials - How do you market DIY products to millennials?

The DIY market is changing. With a higher proportion of millennials living in rented accommodation as opposed to owning their own home, this shift has dramatically changed the dynamic for traditional DIY retailers.

When looking to market to millennials otherwise known as Generation DIY – cash poor, time rich 16-34yr olds who bring their creativity, technology and drive to tackle home improvement tasks by themselves, specialist DIY retailers are seeing more and more non-specialists and discount retailers, in the form of Amazon, eBay, The Range and B&M to name a few, infiltrating the market as they capitalise on this audience’s penchant for online shopping.

Internet retailing in the home and garden sector saw a 15% increase last year as more renters value the convenience of home delivery and ability to shop around for the cheapest deals over visiting a store in person.

So how can traditional DIY retailers stand out when marketing to millennials in this changing marketplace?

Being present in the moments that matter.

The key to appealing to such a digital-first audience is relevancy. Creating something that resonates with your audience, offering maximum personalisation and dynamic creative in real-time, to serve the right message to the right person at the right time, much like our Just Eat campaign we did recently. Clever dynamic advertising, such as weather-activated billboards, are perfect for any brand in the DIY sector, where sales are drastically affected by the changing weather. It would be a complete waste of money to run adverts for BBQs during a week of torrential rain!

Syncing the screens.

Once you’ve got that winning creative, brands need to think less in terms of specific media and more in terms of ‘content’ or ‘experiences’. Take Deliveroo. Earlier this year they launched a multi-channel campaign that featured ultra-specific audio ads which had the potential to serve 46,000 different creative combinations dependant on time of day, location, day of the week and local restaurant supply.

This was accompanied by dynamic OOH (out of home) ads which referenced calendar events like Wimbledon, festivals and TV shows. Branded pick-up points were also set-up in parks so customers could have their food delivered to an outdoor spot. It’s all about creating a seamless consumer journey, regardless of platform.

Adopt a value-added millennials approach.

By taking advantage of these hyper-targeted channels, brands need to truly define and understand the Generation DIY audience – the millennials. But can using too much data-driven audience insight be counterproductive? The ROI of targeting a very small group of consumers doesn’t always meet the mark, which is why marketers need to strike a balance and employ a value-added approach.

Brands need to offer something beneficial to the consumer over and above just an advert, such as advice in store or discounts on relevant products. Using our previous example of the DIY retailer looking to sell BBQs, by teaming a weather-activated OOH ad with a geo-targeted offer of 10% off BBQs or in-store event on BBQ cooking within a certain radius of the ad, is a great option to leverage the power of dynamic digital creative.

By giving customers that little something extra on top of what you’re already offering them is a powerful combination, differentiating you from your competitors and gaining customer loyalty.

Marketing to millennials. The future.

Relevancy is the future and goes hand-in-hand with DIY – it’s the classic DIY job companion. It offers an increased opportunity for marketers to be smarter and more creative in their digital advertising approach to ensure they deliver useful content at that moment in time.

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By Fiona Healey
PR Manager - Client Services, UK

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