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Moveover, Meerkats! Moneysupermarket’s back and more brazen than ever.

Introducing Action Man, as you’ve never seen him before… MoneySuperMarket has gone through a relaunch and released their latest ad campaign featuring Hasbro action figure Action Man.

The 60-second television ad premiered on 10th March during Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV1. It follows a classically ripped Action Man (not looking too bad considering he’s pushing 52!) and his excitable group of scantily clad comrades, as they burst into spontaneous dance having learned of Action Man’s ‘epic’ savings on Moneysupermarket.com.


The decision to show the action figures busting their moves to 1990s track, Finally by CeCe Peniston, coupled with the Thunderbirds-style animation, gives this campaign an undoubtedly retro feel. The advert’s appeal is clearly rooted in nostalgia; an approach to advertising that has become increasingly familiar to consumers in recent years.

As Five by Five’s Head of Client Services, George Roberts, professed in a recent article: ‘Modern society is fueled by nostalgia’, and it would seem that MoneySuperMarket are certainly getting in on the old-school action (man). Some of the industry’s more prominent nostalgia-led campaigns have included Polish fashion retailer Reserved’s ‘I love Cindy’ campaign – a 1980s homage starring Cindy Crawford, Nintendo’s evolution and rebirth of the globally-adored SNES console, and Nokia’s announcement that they will soon be releasing a retro style slider smartphone.

However, what makes the MoneySuperMarket ad stand out is that it successfully manages to take nostalgia and integrate it into something new and genuinely exciting. I mean it’s pretty unlikely that consumers in the early ‘90s would have expected to turn on the TV to see an army of dancing action figures flanking their favourite childhood icon as he strips down to his underpants! Moreover, this charming combination of past and present enables MoneySuperMarket to assert their continued relevance to modern consumers in the crowded and increasingly shouty comparison site market.

The rollout of the campaign across MoneySuperMarket’s website and social media channels also shows an evolution from previous executions. The days of the standalone TV ad are largely over, with many companies now opting to fully adopt their ad concepts across the whole brand.

The relaunch.

In the world of comparison sites CompareTheMarket is clearly the master, as the company adopted a full-scale relaunch around the ‘Compare the Meerkat’ ad concept which you could argue has come to redefine what the business itself stands for. While MoneySuperMarket hasn’t gone quite this far, the adoption of the #EpicActionMan concept across their website and social media pages does wonders in preventing the campaign from seeming flimsy or desperate.

Lessons learnt.

Clearly MoneySuperMarket has the calibre of its comparison site competitor CompareTheMarket fully sized up, and this continuous cycle of mini brand relaunches should help them stay ahead of the game and swerve any meerkat-esc fears of brand fatigue. By embracing nostalgia here, they’ve managed to combine something old with something new, resulting in a campaign that is fresh, charming and above all fun – a lesson for future-fad-focused marketeers that sometimes it’s ok to look back, in order to go forward.

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By Abi Stocker
Account Manager, UK

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