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Post Pandemic Planning Workshops.

With restrictions beginning to lift in most countries and the light at the end of the tunnel glimmering, we’re helping clients re-launch their propositions to a post pandemic marketplace.

We know from our own research that one of the reasons launches fail is down to a lack of internal alignment.

Our 90 minute workshop is a stand-alone exercise to help clients quickly gain consensus in their organisation for how they’ll navigate the ‘new normal’ with breakthrough ideas to solve commonly understood challenges. The online workshop uses robust collaboration tools and expert facilitation to also act a primer for a 3-5 day design sprint should clients wish to extend the exercise and leverage our creative and execution skills.

We’ve borrowed proven decision making methodologies and synthesised global research findings to provide focus for your planning efforts post Covid-19. We know that consumers are either anxious or accepting of the crisis, so our workshop will help you evaluate the plans you form through the lenses of ‘help and support’ and ‘safety and security’ – two key mindsets that will be held in the market when assessing products and services.

By Craig Bailey

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