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Matt Lawton.

First up is Matt Lawton, MD of our Sydney office and former founder of Five by Five in Los Angeles. Matt’s also worked in our UK agency so I was keen to hear his thoughts on launches and how he sees the business.

Explain in 5 words what your job is at Five by Five?

Leadership. New Business. Retention. Culture.

What is the best or biggest launch campaign you have worked on?

I’ve been lucky enough in my career to have worked on some awesome launches over the years, from the Qantas Frequent Flyer programme’s push into digital to the MyerOne card and some high profile video game launches. I think my favourite though was the launch of Good Beer’s Great Barrier Beer because we were helping to raise awareness and money for an important environmental cause – protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

What is the best advice you have been given in your career?

I’ve worked in an agency based account service and strategy capacity my whole career and with some fantastic people from all over the world. The best advice I’ve received has been to trust my intuition because it’s the sum of your experience. I think it’s something I’ve relied upon more and more as I’ve become older.

What makes a great creative agency?

Integrity makes a great creative agency. We employ super talented people and transact with clients who entrust us with their brand. Without integrity, you can’t harness the collective will of your staff to make great work. Without integrity, clients can’t trust you’ll deliver what you promise. It sounds obvious, but when you put integrity at the core of your creative agency, it’s conveyed in subtle ways across every interaction.

We’re always really impressed by your ability to recover from long haul flights so quickly. What’s the secret?

Yes, I spent 5 years going to LA from Brisbane every two weeks and now fly domestically every second week so I’ve learned what works for me. I enjoy having my phone off and the guilt free napping. Passengers who don’t relax on flights are missing out on a perfect opportunity to meditate and tune out the world. My strategy is to completely avoid eating on the plane (even on 14 hr flights), avoid drinking anything but water while on board and go to Bikram yoga before and after the journey.

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By George Roberts