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Rebecca Worley. UK.

Interviewer: Matt Lawton
Interviewee: Rebecca Worley
Role: Producer, Five by Five, Southampton

After answering 5 questions from my colleague Kelsey Martin, it was my turn to pay it forward and interview someone else at Five by Five. Rebecca is a new starter in our Southampton office in the UK so I figured why not…

Apparently, you interned with us a few years ago, why the hell would you come back?

After I did work experience at Five by Five, I was keen to continue but went to London because there weren’t any roles in Five by Five at the time. I moved a while later back to this area and then when this job came up, I jumped on it mainly because of the people! I also liked the range of clients.

You’ve had a few years experience, what advice would you give grads looking for a first job in our industry or just starting out?

Don’t be shy about coming forward with an opinion. It can be daunting and it’s easy to be quiet and agree, but your opinion will be valid. And actually if you voice an opinion and receive an answer or objection, you learn! If you don’t, you won’t. I’d also say, offer to help as many people as possible, pitch in and be an asset so you gain knowledge on as many things as possible.

What annoys you about agency work?

If you engage with someone with a lot of experience who ignores your opinion or acts dismissively, it’s really frustrating.

What would be your dream client to work on and why?

I like the idea of working on an ethical minded clothing brands like People Tree, H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection and Thought I think it’s an untapped area still and provides a lot of creative freedom to explore. The cosmetics category has that angle nailed, but the fashion and couture brands in that space are few and far between.

Name one thing you think you could do at work that you’re not being given the chance to do at the moment.

I only started in April so I’m fairly new but there seem to be heaps of opportunities to get involved in a range of new business. As a Producer I’m hoping to build on my mentoring skills, and look at how I can further develop this into team management in the future. I’d like the opportunity to improve my presenting skills and that will come with practice.

By George Roberts