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Esports Landscape

A plethora of businesses have taken advantage of a strategic shift into the world of esports and gaming.

As a full service agency with an expertise in esports and gaming, Five by Five Global can help you foray into this burgeoning market as a first mover or fast follower.



Australians love esports.

The Australian Esports industry is forecast to grow to $21 million by 2022. This projection comes from a rise in esports advertising and consumer revenue, an increase of $13 million from 2019.
Source: The industry observer

So does the rest of the world.

Esports audiences across the globe reached numbers of over 440 million viewers in 2019, and is expecting exponential growth moving forward.
Source: Newzoo

Esports has become mainstream.

From luxury brands like Gucci, sports brands like Puma, and QSR titans like McDonalds, non-endemic brands are realising the unique opportunities to be found in esports.
Locally, 2020 has seen brands like L'Oréal entering the market, partnering with leading Australian esports team Chiefs ESC.
Source: CMO