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At first glance, we likely look like an agency. We have a large portfolio of work that has won awards and have roles one might typically see at other agencies: Creative Director, Project Manager, Account Manager, etc. The main goal of our work is to inspire engagement of our clients’ customers. At the risk of sounding “anti” or counter-culture, we’d like to set the record straight: We’re not an agency. Sure, we may operate like an agency and look like an agency but we don’t act like one. The world has changed and the way that agencies typically work did not sit well with us. So we evolved.

In our current state we work in the best interests of our clients, not faceless holding companies that take a stake in the work and revenue, but exhibit no real investment in it. We strive to reach customers through delightful experiences, not just to create another award winning ad campaign. We don’t posture with an omni-capable attitude, but instead, we’re specialists who work within the digital space with exact precision, extreme intention, and ideally, purposeful innovation. Not for the sake of a “brief” or a great idea, rather for the sake of our clients’ business now and in the future. We don’t work on our side of the street only to deliver outmoded approaches while our clients suffer on theirs. We passionately collaborate with our clients to solve problems using current and future-thinking technology, helping those same clients achieve personal and career success along the way.

We’re not common. We’re okay with that.
And we’re glad you’re here.

Connect Five is a new interview series, where you can learn more about the Five by Five team’s views on the industry and market. It’s a pay it forward concept we’ll post regularly.