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When Mike Lawton founded Five by Five in the UK in April 1979, he set out with one clear goal; to become an agency that brands turn to for Loud and Clear communications. After all, that’s why we’re called Five by Five. It’s military shorthand for a perfect radio transmission: one that’s both Loud and Clear.

Mike retired in 2006, but we continue to be wholly privately-owned by the Lawton family with our global offices, in the UK, USA and Australia, all specialising in launch marketing.

Nick, Mike and Matt Lawton at the annual AGM!

Why are we Launch Marketing specialists?

At Five by Five, we’ve done the research to know why launches fail, which also means we know why they succeed. Having successfully nailed hundreds of launches in many different sectors, there are three common traits an organisation needs: internal alignment, slick systems and processes and disruptive marketing communications.

We have built our business to ensure launch success and developed bespoke strategy and planning methodologies, with new and exciting creative testing techniques, driven by our proprietary cloud-based IP management system.


Five by Five global team photo

Global team photo.