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When you 3 for 2 it.
Integrated marketing campaign.

+40% sales uplift vs forecast.Returning on advertising spend - 6.13

Integrated marketing campaign challenge.

B&Q wanted to get budding DIYers motivated to start their decorating projects by introducing a sales promotion.

But with most sales activation ads being about as dull as watching paint dry, our challenge was to create an integrated marketing campaign that captured the imagination of our audience and get them to purchase.


Integrated marketing campaign solution.

We took one of B&Q’s most distinctive assets, its famous slogan and changed it to “you can do it, when you 3 for 2 it”. This was accompanied by the up-tempo and impossibly-catchy William Tell Overture alongside the brand voice. All creative featured exploding paint tins, stacking tiles and sliding floorboards, that all danced to the Lone Ranger theme tune.

Integrated campaign results.

  • Sales were up 40% vs forecast.
  • Return on advertising spend of 6.13.

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