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The Good Beer Co.
Brewing up a great result.

Crowdfunding campaign raised over $35,000.Sold 476 cartons in less than three weeks.

The Good Beer Co is Australia’s first social enterprise brewing company, giving at least 50% of its profits to good causes. Our campaign let consumers know the beer was newly stocked in 100 BWS stores across Queensland. We also needed to link to a crowdfunding effort designed to extend distribution to NSW and Victoria.

Our campaign included media relations that helped generate TV news stories with Sky News and WIN New, POS, social content, video and a competition between newly-recruited brand ambassadors, celebrity chefs Ben O’Donoghue, Ryan Squires and Spencer Patrick. The campaign raised over $35,000, secured some big new key accounts and within three weeks, 476 of 600 cartons had sold through BWS.

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