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Call of Duty
Creative Partnership

Decades of answering the call.

Supporting the biggest name in the game.

If there’s ever been a single franchise responsible for defining the genre of FPS (First Person Shooter) games, it’s Call of Duty. A household name for even non-gamers, CoD has become synonymous with visceral storytelling, immersive action, a competitive online community and of course, blockbuster-level launches that show up in 300-foot-tall skyscrapers. The franchise has broken out into several AAA titles spanning battles of old, new and ones that haven’t (and hopefully will never) happen, all of which continually evolve, release new content and require player-base support. The creative power needed for this effort is nothing short of monolithic, and Five by Five has been proudly partnered with Activision providing just that for nearly 20 years.

With every needed skill in-house and a proprietary platform to review, revise and ship tens of thousands of ad units at a time, our Los Angeles production studio has remained Activision’s trusted CoD partner. Beyond display advertising, we’ve had the privilege of working on some of the franchise’s most memorable digital activations, micro sites and side campaigns. All of which have reflected real-world impact on consumer engagement and sales. 

Being as passionate about gaming as Activision is, creates a synergy between our teams to go far beyond the “call of duty.” We take ownership of every unit, every campaign, every launch, and ultimately, every opportunity to build bigger momentum behind a proven partnership.

There’s no denying that the gaming industry is growing with no end in sight. With old stereotypes fading away and the renaissance of ‘the home’ in full effect, Call of Duty sits at the forefront of a multi-generational movement to play, party up, and invest in digital experiences. The needs continue to grow, and FbF is here for it.

The Work:
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Website
  • Display Advertising
  • Production
  • Animation
  • Front-End Development
  • Editorial Design

On the front lines.

The success or failure of supporting a franchise like Call of Duty hinges on the ability to have an excellent production design methodology that balances efficiency with craft, while remaining nimble enough to pivot if the target moves. Five by Five has worked countless hours to understand Activision’s pipeline, rollout strategies and volumetric needs to be able to answer questions that haven’t even been asked yet, build internal systems to streamline external workflows, and deliver oceans of localized content ahead of schedule. This approach has kept us lock-step with Activation on the front lines, release after release. 


Meeting the demands of every release.

From AAA launches requiring tens of thousands of ad units in a dozen languages to seasonal releases and campaign microsite experiences, we’ve been fortunate enough to have creative touch on nearly every franchise title. The result is an ever-growing body of work that reflects traditional production, retouching, compositing, post-processing, front end development and animation design happening all under one roof. 

We love a good challenge, so production design is just the beginning. In-game activations need microsites, big stories need a beautiful blog, and Warzone needs a spicy teaser video. All are creative opportunities we’re known to jump at every chance we get.

Let’s launch something together. Get in touch.