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Stop the stretch.
Category awareness campaign.

68% of consumers and ECPs agreed that it is a memorable ad.79% of consumers agreed that the ad grabbed their attention.

Building category awareness challenge.

The multifocal contact lens category across Europe is fast-growing and CooperVision multifocal lenses are performing well. Yet competitors are heavily investing in the category, both in trade and patient communication. CooperVision wanted to maintain and grow their market share, by attempting to tackle high drop-out rates among those aged 40+ and by challenging the myth amongst ECPs (eye care professionals) that multifocals are difficult to fit.

Our challenge – to achieve success for CooperVision in the multifocal category by accelerating share growth for the Frequently Replaced Product category aka FRPs (Biofinity) and 1-day (clariti 1 day) multifocal lenses.


Building category awareness solution.

This needed a two-prong attack! One for Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) and one for consumers.

“How will you spend your extra time?” A catchphrase coined to illustrate that by using the CooperVision’s OptiExpert™ tool, multifocal lenses can be delivered and fitted quickly, freeing up time for time-poor ECPs to do something else. In an otherwise very conventional advertising world of contact lenses, the yoga visual stands out and grabs attention.

When it came to consumers, we wanted to focus on the physical struggle people with presbyopia have when trying to read things such as menus when they aren’t wearing contact lenses. The aim was to encourage this change for the better by leveraging peoples’ self-awareness and to some degree their desire to not look foolish squinting and doing elongated gestures. The hero shot was captured via a bespoke photoshoot to produce an image that would make the ad stand out from the industry’s norm.

Building category awareness results

  • The ECPs advert rated highest in a perceptual map for ‘Encouraging to use Optiexpert™’ and ‘Encouraging to use CooperVision multifocal products’ categories in some test research.
  • 79% of consumers agreed that the ad grabbed their attention.
  • 68% agreed that it is a memorable ad.
  • More results to come.

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