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Daily health habits.
Product relaunch.

Worked with CooperVision since 2001.3.6x outperforming the One Days market.

Product relaunch challenge.

Having worked with CooperVision since 2001, they asked us to relaunch their One day contact lenses range in a strategic move to become the #1 contact lens manufacturer in Europe by 2020 and own the lucrative One Days market. Clariti 1 Day was one of these three brands needing a product relaunch.


Product relaunch solution.

CooperVision’s clariti 1 day contact lenses can help people keep their eyes as healthy as the rest of their body. So that’s exactly how we promoted them: as part of your daily health regime! Simple is best. Simple is Loud and Clear! We created belief internally and educated eye care practitioners on the benefits of the product across 15 markets.


Product relaunch results.

  • 3.6x outperforming the One Days market.

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