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go automotive
Brand Strategy & Website

for whatever drives you.

Go is delivering a whole new automotive experience – a single destination to find everything automotive. From new and used vehicles, to the tools you need to upgrade your current one, go is here to help you make highly informed decisions to get you on the road.

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Crafting a brand strategy, ID and website to introduce go, a reimagined auto shopping experience, to a world that generally dislikes shopping for vehicles.



In an era of Covid lockdowns, people rediscovered the freedom of “hitting the road”. Jumping in the car, truck, jeep, adventure van or RV and driving out to remote destinations allowed people to escape the confines of their personal daily grinds and dystopian anxieties by embracing a spirit of adventure.



We crafted the go brand to be decidedly unautomotive, eschewing the cliché bold and masculine motifs for an approach that is more human and approachable. At its foundation, the brand is rooted in the celebration of the driving experience. With a target audience of millennial women, we embraced a broad, vibrant color palette combined with textures and patterns, delivering a sense of whimsy and delight. Leveraging images of people experiencing “the drive” instead of images of cars as objects makes “go” a brand based on the fulfillment of driving, rather than the fulfillment of owning. 

The website was an opportunity to bring our tagline, “there’s no place like road”, to life through animation and an interactive user experience. The go promise is centered around making the process of researching and choosing one’s next automobile a more honest, human, and entertaining experience. We chose to make the website fun to touch, incorporating several playful interactions that communicate the go promise while scrolling through the site. In the end, the brand and the website capture the spirit of automotive, reimagined in a memorable and ownable way.


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