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Irvine Company Apartments
Website & Digital Branding

“Living Forward” through user experience.

Premiere real estate development firm Irvine Company made the strategic decision to reimagine their brand and digital engagement strategy for their biggest revenue-generating division, Apartment Communities.

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This mission-critical project for Irvine Company Apartments encompassed developing a new look and feel for the brand, digital strategy, user experience design, responsive UI design, and development support.


Today’s apartment shopper has a variety of sophisticated tools that they turn to, and the ICA experience needed to evolve to respond to current audience demands.


The project plan was broken down into phases that allowed us to deliver waves of feature improvements over time. Next, we dove deeply into research of competitors, online apartment aggregators and actual user research. Applying the insights gained, we led an extensive user experience design effort that centered on meeting the needs of the consumer, leveraging known UX patterns to make the site more intuitive, and product/brand content presentation. This was followed by visual design where we reinforced the premium nature of the ICA brand while making it much more approachable. The refreshed design guides the user in their apartment hunting experience to deliver improved engagement of key drivers for the business. Working hand in hand with Irvine Company’s development team, we helped craft an interface and content presentation to optimize performance in attracting visitors as well as conversions.


To validate the design work, we engaged in formal user testing of the new site experience with actual apartment shoppers. Through this exercise, we were able to make slight but fundamental changes, improving potential performance before the site was built, saving valuable development time and costs.


Leveraging an agile design process we allowed the ICA tech team to develop and deploy sections of the site over time. 

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