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SuperMams pop-up shop.
Irish product relaunch.

First ever pop-up shop dedicated to toilet roll.14k brand engagements. 150 pieces of user generated content.

Product relaunch challenge.

To relaunch KittenSoft loo roll into the Irish market.

Whilst loo roll is not a product that generally creates an emotional connection, it’s something unique that we have the authority to own to help shoppers see KittenSoft as ‘their brand’.

KittenSoft is quintessentially Irish, made solely for Irish bums and bought by Irish mums. So how do we get through to these mums and remind them that KittenSoft is very much present?


Product relaunch solution.

With 76% of women aged 25-44 with two children in Ireland being the main food shoppers in the household, and 80% of toilet roll shoppers in Ireland being female, some would say they’re not just mums but SuperMams. They run the show when it comes to family life but we believe they don’t often get the credit they deserve.

By letting Irish mums prove just how far they’ll go, we showed them (and their families) some much-needed love through a pop-up shop in central Dublin. Now we all know pop-up shops aren’t new, but who’s seen a pop-up shop dedicated solely to just toilet roll?

These SuperMams needed to spin the roll of fortune to see what challenge they needed to take on from the following list:

  1. Mammy’s make up
  2. Golden Roll pit
  3. Take to the stage.
  4. Chef challenge.
  5. Pie in the face.

The SuperMams Challenge was a launch marketing campaign aimed at creating family moments, with kids and partners putting mums through the ringer in exchange for laughs and – if they won – big prizes, including plush toys, games and a weekend break for a family of four.

It was based on points, so, the more challenges and points you got, the bigger the prize!

Product relaunch results.

  • 14k brand engagements on social.
  • 150 pieces of user-generated content.
  • 9 on air competition mentions on Today FM.

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