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OK Computer: Reinventing The Game of Hardware

Gigabyte x Aorus Launch

The Firewall

The Gigabyte brands are mostly known for their hardcore gaming hardware #gamerlife. But unknown to many, Gigabyte’s arsenal of tech can be harnessed for countless forms of creativity. The only limit is your imagination (and your computer). 

The Hack

From experimenting with light and sound to warping time and space through animation; we hit ‘pause’ on marketing to hardcore gamers and focused on bringing attention to what someone could create with Gigabyte, powered by Intel®.

Working with international DJ Timmy Trumpet, Youtube personality Daniel Harrison and Youtube Gold streamer and animator Sam Green, the year-long, eclectic campaign explored the limits of digital creativity. 

The Work

  • Strategy 
  • Creative 
  • Design 
  • Production 
  • Media Buy 
  • Social Media 


  • Youtube
  • Social 
  • Display 
  • Retailer Comms

The Results


Total views

Total impressions
860,301 (this includes IG story impressions)

Total reach

Total likes

Total comments

95% positive


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