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The Perfectionists.

44% increase in YoY sales.17 international markets.59% Patrón Silver.30% Patrón Reposado.7% Patrón Anejo.

Patrón wanted to be the number one premium tequila and change the perception of tequila as a shot drink. We created the perfect launch – ‘The Perfectionists’, an integrated on-trade and consumer campaign capturing the essence of Patrón as a luxury brand.

Brand advocacy was built through ‘The Perfectionist’s Handbook’, a limited edition guide to Patrón’s provenance and an invitation to take part in ‘The Perfectionist’s Cocktail Competition’. Following this we created ‘The Perfectionist’s Yearbook’, which ensured national recognition for the finalists. To appeal to consumers, an experiential campaign encouraged trial of the ‘Patronic’, Patrón’s version of G&T and we created a spectacular Patrón bottle Selfridges Christmas window takeover. YoY sales grew 18% overall, 59% on Patrón Silver, 30% on Patrón Reposado and 7% on Patrón Anejo.


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