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Lack of internal alignment.
Event launch.

Trying to kick Challenge Cup Final launch into touch.Lowest attendance at Wembley since WW2.No engagement.
No reach.
No sales.

At Five by Five, we believe in transparent relationships with all our clients – even the prospective ones checking out our website 🙂 So we are happy to hold our hands up and say that, contrary to popular belief, we are not perfect! A fact that keeps us humble.

We go to great pains to get internal alignment (one of the three main reasons launches fail!) and ensure all stakeholders onboard from the start of every project. On this job for the RFL  (rugby football league) we learnt the hard way what happens when you don’t get everyone on the launch team aligned.  We know through our extensive research and forty years’ experience, just how important internal alignment is to a successful launch: it’s one of the three, key success criteria. We were gutted then, when this process broke down.

The work was fantastic, the project had been run efficiently from brief to delivery in 4 weeks and we thought we had all the sign-offs nailed. But in retrospect, we should have worked smarter to guarantee 100% internal alignment where the whole team was onboard at the start of the game. So what happened? And what have we learnt, and changed to assure every project we do is as bullet-proof as humanly possible?

Here’s how it all started.

We had a great, new, let’s-make-it-happen client at the RFL.

They gave us a great, low budget event launch challenge.

We answered with a great, crowd-pleasing, cut-through and shareable social idea. And because it was animated video (to fit the budget and tight deadline), we had sign off at every step of the project – from script to voiceover, and through various animation stages of character development.

We had a happy client. So what could possibly go wrong?

Lack of internal alignment.

Only when it was totally finished did we discover that it was being sent out to other stakeholders, who knew nothing of the project. To them it was a total surprise, everyone was caught off guard, and they felt they’d not been involved in the project whatsoever. So they killed it. And who could blame them, it’s the natural reaction when being put on the spot to sign something off. Our great client contact wasn’t to blame – the process was.

This is a classic case of a lack of internal alignment, transparency and agreement that, with the right checks and balances, can be assured.

Looking forwards.

So, now we have doubled our safeguards around stakeholder agreement. By adapting and expanding our proprietary Oceanview production sign-off system, we have ensured all stakeholders understand, and sign up to, the added benefits of Launch Marketing over business as usual marketing. Now the whole team have an even more thorough game plan!

Let’s launch something together. Get in touch.