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Irvine Company Apartments
Self-Guided Tour Mobile APP

Reimagining how prospects tour apartments.

COVID-19 took us all by surprise and has forced many businesses to reimagine aspects of how they engage with customers. In direct response to this, Irvine Company quickly turned to Five by Five to help them develop a strategy to respond to this new reality. 



In March 2020, the world was completely blindsided by COVID -19. The talented executive team at the Apartments division of Irvine Company quickly responded to this unforeseen challenge by asking us to help them develop a strategic response. 



People have become very comfortable using map applications for wayfinding and navigation.


We developed a digital strategy that would leverage existing appointment and content platforms used by the client to create a Web APP that would allow leasing agents to build customized tour journeys through apartment communities. These tours then would be pushed to a mobile app used by the prospect, allowing them to tour the community, visit specific apartments, provide feedback on the apartments, and even start the leasing process straight from the app. Partnering with APP developer Vincit, we collaborated to create a user experience that would be user friendly for the Irvine Company team to create tours and for the end-user in taking the tours. Having just completed the complete redesign of the Apartments website, we were able to leverage the UI design standards, systems, and CMS to create a beautifully branded experience that worked seamlessly across their online brand ecosystem.

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