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Toys for Bob
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Crafting adventures since 1988.

Toys for Bob is a California-based development studio with a historical and ongoing impact on some of the biggest franchises in gaming. TFB has over 2 decades of experience developing for many different game genres, styles, audiences, tools, and platforms for AAA franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Spyro, Skylanders, and Tony Hawk. Tight-knit, multitalented and famously imaginative, they’re always a studio to watch closely.

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Craft a brand language and website capable of representing their present team growth, a wider range of franchises, and a remote working model – all without abandoning their roots as an intimate, fun-loving studio.



The development workforce is going remote, and fast. While a beautiful office in a desirable city will always bolster recruiting power, no perk counts for more than working from home. As this reality continues to set in for studios everywhere, there is an instant demand for each to reframe their approach to both work and culture.



We knew we wanted to build a flexible, mobile-friendly, and modular-based design system that would allow endless opportunity for storytelling, updating content, adding franchises, and recruiting new talent. To add form to function while protecting TFB’s authentic roots, we first needed to create a tiki paradise-inspired graphic toolkit packed with flexible design assets, punchy typography, and a digital-first color palette. We brought the two together like Voltron, and the result is a vibrant, reinvigorated brand story told on a simple but beautiful platform.


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