Call of Duty – Modern Warfare II

Can you make the biggest launch even bigger?

Sustaining excitement

MWII was one of the most eagerly awaited launches in the franchise’s history.

With much of our audience playing more Free2Play games, the problem wasn’t just building the excitement, it was sustaining it so every gamer felt they had to get involved. 

The six-phase launch

We developed a six-phase launch, from Reveal through Teaser, Beta Launch, Early Access and Campaign Launch to Full Launch.

24 markets

This required precision timing, changing the messaging in multiple markets at exactly the right moment with only days to execute and deliver new assets.

Specialist technologists

We deployed specialist creative technologists to identify and apply the right assets for different media, ensuring every piece of work was grounded in the grittiness of the game and relevant to each market.

2,500 assets

Critical to such a massive roll-out was Oceanview, our proprietary end-to-end campaign management platform.

In the first phase alone it enabled us to deliver 2,500 assets across 24 markets in 20 languages in 10 days with total accuracy and consistency.


Increase in digital SALES YOY


GENERATED in just 10 days


increase in TOTAL SALES