Australian Payments Plus

Making identity verification interesting

How we highlighted the perils of oversharing data without using scare tactics.

The Opportunity

With cyber crime on the increase, it’s never been more important to ensure your identity remains secure. ConnectID is an elegant solution being adopted by financial institutions and other relaying parties like utility companies. We needed to raise awareness of ConnectID ahead of users seeing it during their online interactions. We had the opportunity to test our ‘oversharing’ concept ahead of higher budget spend on a broader video campaign.

The Strategy

We used digital Out of Home to test our oversharing concept in a cost effective way and used a series of slightly salacious headlines with redacted key words to hammer home the oversharing concept with humour.

The Solution

The campaign performed well and green lit two ads for BVOD and Cinema that also performed well and helped secure commitments from banks that had delayed their support.  ‘Cafe’ and ‘Hotel’ both highlight the impact of oversharing personal details in common situations that are relatable.