Epic Games

Fall Guys Free-To-Play Launch

How do we keep gamers coming back for more?

F2P gamers are promiscuous – how could we make sure Fall Guys is front of mind when they pick up their controller?

Seasonal updates

We created video trailers telling the story behind each new season with different iterations for YouTube, console storefronts and social media platforms. Each iteration focused on new features and details about the F2P release.

Trailers in banners

We also produced dedicated versions of the trailers for digital display placements to ensure maximum reach and awareness.

All assets are localised for over 15 markets. Turnaround times are short but the task is made easy by our proprietary asset management platform Oceanview.

Seasonal creative refresh

Our work expands into all the Fall Guys seasonal creative refresh campaigns, as we produced both trailers and digital display assets for each upcoming season. From new characters, to new map features, to gameplay, they all have the energy and excitement you’d expect.


downloads of season 1 in 2 days


assets created and delivered


global markets