Activision Blizzard Media

The Gallery of the Gamer – an immersive perspective
into the evolving persona of the gamer.

Our perspective
of the gamer is changing.

Activision Blizzard King’s media division performed a comprehensive study on who “gamers” actually are. The objective of this study is to demonstrate to advertisers how valuable this audience is to include in their media mix.

We were tasked with providing concepts for how this powerful content could be presented to media professionals in an impactful and compelling way. The challenge that we needed to overcome is the reality that there is a very strong stereotype surrounding who gamers really are. However the data clearly paints a different picture of the makeup of this dynamic and passionate community.

Knowing that the gamer stereotype is so pervasive, we chose to create something completely unexpected.

– Jake Irwin, Creative Director

Turning strategic insights into engaging solutions.

The strategy called for crafting a creatively notable experience to garner attention and exposure via awards and inspiration platforms frequented by the media agency culture. Our approach was to tap into human curiosity to compel our audience to engage, to create a shift in their perspective on gamers.

Taking AB Media’s purpose statement, “Make every day more fun,” to heart, we also wanted to create a fun adventure for the audience to step into data visualization in an entertaining and unforgettable way.

The Gallery of The Gamer is a powerful and immersive way to look at the six unique gamer personas that were identified as a part of AB Media’s study. We crafted art pieces that represent each segment in a visceral way. Users can walk through the WebGL-based gallery to experience the art in a virtual space and further explore each persona. Written and VO descriptions coupled with data visualizations help communicate the detailed story behind each persona. The full research report is available for download for those who seek to unlock even deeper insights into the vast and nuanced gaming community.

Behind the scenes

We were very honored to share a behind the scenes look at the Gallery of the Gamer on the FWA. For more details on this project please read our FWA Insights and Inspirations Article.