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Happy Color
The Joy of Color Campaign

Expanding Awareness for the #1 Paint by Numbers APP.

Happy Color from X-FLOW is a massively popular activity APP for mobile phones and tablet users. In fact, it is far and away the number one paint by numbers app in the world. With exclusive relationships with the likes of Disney and Marvel, their content is unmatched.


As popular as the Happy Color APP is, their marketing efforts focused primarily through Facebook had leveled off.  X-FLOW engaged our strategy and creative team to help them better define their predominantly female Boomer audience and their media habits outside of Facebook and to then develop a compelling campaign to reach them.



Our research revealed that our target audience has developed a bit of an addiction to the news. They feel compelled to watch it yet they cite it as a source of great stress and disillusionment. 



Dr. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytic psychology would prescribe coloring books to adults as a therapy for anxiety. Our strategy was to help our audience destress and create a more peaceful mental space for themselves by self-prescribing Happy Color as an antidote for the news. We collaborated with media partner Exverus to craft a plan that would run on news channel broadcasts and online. These media placements offered an escape from the doom and gloom of the news through the optimistic impact of adding color and beauty to one’s life experience. In essence, offering a pathway to escape stress and anxiety. Creatively we brought this to life by turning the world into a monotone canvas and then bringing it to life through touches of color that would transform the dull and uninspired to vibrant and full of life. 


The campaign is currently live.

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