Child Safety

How can we stop children at the seaside from drowning?

In 2020 there were 254 accidental deaths in UK waters of which a high percentage were children.

With staycations on the increase, the RNLI needed to find a way to reduce this awful statistic.

Our idea wasn’t about swimming, it was about singing.

One simple rule can save your life if you get into trouble in the water – lay on your back and stick out your arms and legs. So the problem wasn’t what to tell children, it was getting them to remember it.

We wrote and recorded The Seaside Safety Song, a catchy sing-along that was accompanied by an animated story that showed kids how to survive by floating like a starfish.

The ad ran on children’s TV across Sky, ITV, Nickelodeon and MTV, from July to September. It was also picked up by BBC News and featured on ITV’s This Morning.


uplift in audience actively thinking about water safety


uplift in people saying they would check for a lifeguarded beach


UK population saying they were likely to donate