Don’t stop. Sprint.

Can you make us famous for 60 minutes?

Screwfix Sprint delivers from store to door in 60 minutes or less. But with so much competition, what was the key benefit for tradies? And how could we quickly embed the service into culture?

Don’t stop. Sprint.

Our insight was that when tradespeople aren’t on the tools they’re not earning. Sprint is the answer to their prayers because it means they can keep working without having to go off to pick up tools or parts. The creative task was to show this in a way that would get Sprint talked about on building sites across the country.

“Ain’t nuthin’ gonna breaka my stride…”

Tradies busting moves to 80’s earworm ‘Break My Stride’ brought the benefit joyously to life. We cast actors with trade backgrounds for authenticity. And we choreographed steps that would get tradies everywhere throwing a few shapes.

Keeping it real

Influencers were all carefully selected tradespeople and professionals, keeping the campaign honest while dialling up the fun.

Going native

We optimised the work for social media by using native techniques to create impact in shorter timelengths.

Click-through as well as cut through

It wasn’t just about the fame. To drive response in print and digital display, we used simple messaging and a powerful look and feel derived from Screwfix’s strong graphic identity.

Live on site

Radio was the perfect way to deliver our message on site. We added a new dimension to the campaign by using sound design to contrast inactivity with productivity.