7th Day Brewery & The Good Beer Co

Beer for good’s sake

Harnessing Australia’s favourite drop to overcome community and environmental adversity.

We love to blow the froth off a few at Five by Five, and so our work with 7th Day Brewery and The Good Beer Co. didn’t feel like work. 

We executed a major brand update for 7th Day brewery founded on a shift to rebelling against bad craft beer practices and giving back to the community. 

After crafting the tagline “Beer, for good’s sake.”, we made good on the words, organising community events and competitions that brought people together in-venue and online.

Then we directed a multi-faceted photoshoot that explored rebellion in different settings; from the beach to the brewery, we created images of patrons testing the aerodynamics of beer and pushing the boundaries of alcohol advertising. 

This was harnessed as part of our ongoing social media strategy that works to position 7th Day as an up-and-coming national brand with indelible local roots.

Our work with The Good Beer Co. was an answer to the dangers our Great Barrier Reef is facing due to climate change, land-based runoff, and impacts from coastal development.

It was the country’s first social enterprise beer, aimed to help protect and raise funds for The Australian Marine Conservation Society.

They needed a launch campaign as big and beautiful as the reef, but with a limited budget. It not only had to raise awareness and fuel a movement, it had to support their existing stockists and drive traffic to a crowdfunding site designed to extend distribution.

We created a highly-engaging campaign that worked across POS and social media, supported by an effective PR plan for the launch event in Cairns. 

It included eye-catching videos and featured three celebrity chefs, which resulted in a lot of coverage, notably from Sky News.

We’ll drink to that.