Australian Payments Plus: BPay

Reminding consumers there’s an easy way to pay bills

An integrated campaign to spike awareness and reinvigorate usage.

The Opportunity

A trend towards direct debit and debit cards has changed the way Aussies pay their bills. BPay’s been around for 25 years but isn’t as well known among 18 – 24 year olds. We needed to change that and communicate the BPay benefits of reliability, control and ease of use.

The Strategy

We needed to test the impact of different propositions (security vs control vs convenience) and so ran an initial campaign using simple animations. This then informed the proposition for the live action we shot 6 months later. To incentivise and help track the impact of the campaign, we also established a promotion to win a share in $50,000 worth of gift cards.

The Solution

We scripted and produced two 15″ ads with 6″ cut downs for use across social media, BVOD and OOH. There was also a radio component to the campaign which in just a few weeks registered 46M impressions and recorded 9.7M 100% video views.