Category Consideration

How do we help customers transform their homes in a cost-of-living crisis?

B&Q’s brand purpose is to enable and to inspire customers not just to improve their homes, but to improve their lives too.

The problem was how to build category consideration and drive sales at a time when homeowners were struggling to afford DIY projects.

We brought convenience, ease and price into the same space as inspiration. We talked about affordability in the same breath as ideas.

And we repurposed existing creative assets in a new trading template, providing an upgraded look and feel for their TV and social ads.

Alfresco TV

There was still a desire for home improvement and garden projects, but consumers were looking to make changes for less.

Our ad needed to land a trading offer, drive brand recall and preference whilst, at the same time, inspiring our audience with beautiful outdoor spaces where they could enjoy quality time with family and friends this summer, for less.

A new format for bathrooms

We created a series of inspirational Idea Ads, a new paid format on Pinterest.

Taking inspirational content from and creating a series of paid for ads to creatively visualise B&Q’s range of beautiful bathrooms, inspiring people to visit to find out more and book a design appointment.



Garden: Brand awareness


Garden: sales generation


bathroom: brand recall


Bathroom: Brand Preference


Bathroom: purchase intent