Riot Games – Arcane

Arcane Launch

How do you launch a TV show to gamers?

In 2021 Riot Games created Arcane, an animated series for Netflix based on League of Legends.

The problem wasn’t attracting viewers to Netflix, it was attracting the 20 million League Of Legends gamers without damaging brand equity.

A media first

In a first for Netflix, it partnered with Twitch to enable fans to co-stream Arcane’s first episode.

Driven by the thought, We game together, let’s watch together, we branded the première and created a social media campaign localised for 16 different territories to encourage the community to watch alongside each other.

The online manhunt

We ran an online manhunt that enabled League of Legends fans to immerse themselves in the world of Arcane.

We created bespoke social media content with all social and digital display assets and copy packaged up as a toolkit and localised for 16 regions.

Hijacking our own banners

In each key local market the banner ads were Jinxed – raided by Jinx to build excitement and awareness.


Conversation increase 1-15 November


concurrent viewers co-streamed on Netflix & Twitch

No. 1

most well-received series on netflix