National Trust

These Are The Places That Make Us

How do we show that the open air is better than Airbnb?

The National Trust preserves many of the UK’s most fantastic buildings and much of its glorious coastline and green spaces.

But faced with the Airbnb boom, the growing trend for city breaks and low-cost air travel, its appeal was on the wane.

The Trust preserves people as well as places

In marketing communications, the Trust has tended to talk about its attractions, not about their benefits for visitors.

We redefined the problem by placing the focus not on the buildings and landscapes, but on the profound impact they have on visitors’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Letting members tell the story

We unearthed members from all over the country who had life-enhancing tales about how visits to the Trust’s landscapes, houses and gardens had helped them either mentally, physically or emotionally.

Taking it to the streets

These Are The Places That Make Us, ran across cinema, OOH, digital and print.


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