Thames Appeal

How can we keep Londoners safe on the Thames?

The RNLI‘s busiest lifeboat station isn’t on the coast, it’s Tower Station on the River Thames. It’s launched over 7,000 times since inception and saved over 330 lives. However, despite its importance, Londoners are largely unaware of it.

If the RNLI doesn’t raise £5M over the next five years, Tower Station will have to close.

Fundraising campaigns need to connect the audience to the cause – and Londoners feel a profound sense of ownership over the Thames.

So the problem wasn’t how to raise money but how to make Londoners feel responsible for Tower Station.

Crafting every touchpoint

Our campaign featured RNLI volunteers telling stories about Londoners whose lives they’d saved.

The films were hosted on an online hub and edited into bespoke formats for earned and paid for channels.

The campaign made a powerful emotional connection that built engagement, drove connections and increased donations.


Londoners reached


avg donation amount (target of £32)