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Gamer Moms
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Destroying the Gamer Stereotype.

Activision Blizzard Media recently completed the largest global study on who gamers really are. One segment of that study was focused on moms who play mobile and platform games.

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When one thinks of a gamer, their mind tends to go directly to the typical stereotypes. As it turns out, a very large audience of gamers exists that is nearly on the opposite end of the spectrum from that stereotype… mothers! AB Media asked us to craft a brand and design for the report and a website designed to compel engagement in the data and to download the report. 



The majority of moms admit that they spend a significant amount of time gaming, and yet, most of them would not think of themselves as gamers. The moms who game more often tend to be more optimistic, and feel that they are more connected with their children than non-gamer moms.



In developing the branding and design for the Gamer Moms report and website, we reinforced the need to rethink “gamer” stereotypes. By utilizing minimal yet human illustrations layered onto environments of free-flowing shapes and colors, we created a decidedly feminine and playful presentation of the content. Five by Five designer Ryan Arambula illustrated a series of moms engaging with gaming, their children, and each other. These illustrations humanized the content in a distinct and original way. This illustrative style created a bold playful and impactful vernacular for data visualization on the site and in the report.


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