Honey Stinger

To expand Honey Stinger’s awareness and appeal beyond performance athletes, we delivered a brand campaign that empowers anyone to push past their limits with pro-level nutrition.

You don’t have to be a pro.

Inspired by the strategic insight that our audience is seeking motivation to take on their own personal “elite” challenges, whether it’s smashing their WOTD or surviving a week of adulting, we presented a brand truth to drive a winning brand campaign.

Honey Stinger has been a trusted source of performance-based nutrition for professional and collegiate athletes for years, but you don’t have to train and compete at an elite level to enjoy the benefits of their products. Honey Stinger delivers the same great taste, energy boost, and hydration benefits to non-athletes as it does to Olympic champions.

The love Honey Stinger receives from some of the fittest people on the planet is a testament to how effective our products are, but we’re a welcoming and encouraging brand — not an exclusive or intimidating one. ANYONE can use our products to sweeten the burn, no matter what their burn may be.

A laser-targeted campaign platform is only half the formula, the other is an art direction that demands your attention. The creative features visual themes of heat, maximum effort, progression, attention, ground movement, and start/finish lines resulting in an art style speaks to our ‘challenger’ audience just as much as the words do.

Following the success of the brand campaign, we next partnered with Honey Stinger to position and brand their new Oat + Honey Bar product designed to prepare athletes for activity. The product campaign platform encourages our audience to start strong with the perfect sports nutrition to start your day.

Using the visual system we had originally developed for their brand as a foundation, we were free to experiment with the form and geometry of the product in motion. The dynamic nature of the final images works to mirror the body in movement, the very thing that Honey Stinger helps you do so well.