Five by Five

We were curious – could virtual reality make working from home feel more human? Perhaps it can be called a study, or a white paper… in the end, for us it is simply problem solving.

A Real Need
to Rethink Work.

COVID-19 changed our work culture for the foreseeable future. Our close-knit team became mere voices at the other end of a myriad of Zoom calls. Our creative work became washed out laggy presentations via screen share apps, and worst of all our teammates began to feel lonely and disconnected.


How can you build a company culture and feel more connected as people when we are all living our own separated realities only interfacing through a screen and on Zoom calls?


VR with its immersive sound and simulated physical space (even though things don’t always look completely real) is enough to convince your brain that you’re talking and interacting with real people in a real space.


We started by equipping a few team members with Oculus Quest 2 devices, followed by trying out the handful of available collaboration apps/platforms. We were so surprised at how well it worked, so we progressed to involving the entire team. We made the effort to create something very special that might garner some attention in the design world, thus getting this content out to our community who have the same needs that we have.