Stanbridge University

To expand the awareness and consideration of Stanbridge University’s nursing program, we delivered a brand campaign that inspires prospective students to see a glimpse of their own future.

Nursing in mind.

The primary campaign objectives were to increase Stanbridge University brand recognition with the target audience and ultimately boost LVN and RN program enrollments.

To deliver breakthrough messaging and creative, we crafted an art direction featuring a double-exposure portrait of a woman imagining her future graduate self. Paired with the strategic call to action and a vibrant palette, the creative separates Stanbridge as a premium offering among among a crowded competitive landscape.

Campaign evolution.

Evolving the brand campaign for the following year meant bringing a fresh take to the “Find the Nurse In You” concept. After developing several fresh concepts, the chosen direction tells the story of a student’s ‘evolution,’ which spotlights one woman’s journey to becoming a nurse.

The creative challenge.

Properly showcasing one woman in several stages of her life, from adolescence to adulthood, would require planning. We cast our lead woman and her adolescent version, ensured wardrobe, makeup and posing were appropriate for each stage, and edited extensively in post to achieve a seamless evolution.

The end result.

The final deliverables included a soft palette and strong call to action consistent with the first iteration of the campaign, and a perfect line-up dipicting a woman evolving into a nurse.