Legendary games made by talented people.
And now, a brand and website to match.

Iconic developers of the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise, Treyarch, were ready to redefine themselves and refresh their studio brand identity to be focused on their talented people first, and their legendary titles second.

We were honored to support them in reshaping their brand and their digital presence.

A Fresh Visual Identity

To develop and introduce the “new” Treyarch, we worked with stakeholders across the studio to ensure their brand story, visual identity and website experience all reflected the passion that Treyarch has for making games.

Visuals from their titles served as supporting elements to captivate fans and inspire industry talent.

Web Experience

To craft the ideal brand story, we established a content strategy and user experience that displays Treyarch’s mission and values, while also informing communities of pertinent updates. 

High fidelity wireframes and clickable prototypes made for a clear and smooth design process. This phase ensures successful visual design and informs development teams of functional requirements early on.

Leading With Authenticity

Integrating their studio brand into a modern, editorial-style web experience is second-nature to us. We partnered with Activision’s in-house development team to complete the build and to ensure that Treyarch’s vision became reality.